The Team

Andy Collins – Premier Personal Trainer / Sports Coach

I have been in fitness industry for over twenty year and enjoy seeing my clients evolve and enjoy life.

My teaching style is a save pair of hands that will put you at ease and make you feel confident of achieving effective safe results. I am also a experienced Sports coach and have been fortunate to coach a wide range of athletes from Ironman triathlete to couch to 5k beginners.

Whether its mountain biking off a cliff or losing two stone, with my guidance and your hard work anything is possible! To date, my own sporting achievements have included four years of competitive kickboxing, marathon, half marathons and triathlon.

My qualifications include:

  • Level 3 Active IQ Award In Education and Training
  • Level 4 Active IQ Diploma Low back Management
  • Level 3 Active IQ Diploma In exercise Referral
  • BACPR level 4 Cardiac Rehab
  • Lifetime Personal training
  • NVQ level Three In Customer Services 
  • Lifetime Nutrition and Weight Management
  • Future Fit Optimal Nutrition and Sports Nutrition
  • Level One MIAS Mountain Bike Instructor 
  • Level Two Athletics coach
  • Level Two Teachers Triathlon coach 
  • Exercise to Music NVQ Level Two 
  • B.A.W.L.A Award

Emma Bowes – Personal Trainer 

I am a 31 years old and mother to three girls. I couldn’t always make it to the gym due to a demanding lifestyle, working and taking care of my children. When they go to bed I try to find time to fit in a workout and feel its important to look good and be a role model to my kids. I am a very easy going person and very much a people person. I worked in care for many years and enjoyed taking care of a wide range of clients.

If you are lacking motivation or need support to achieve your results I will guide you every step of the way.

My qualifications include:

  • Anatomy and Physiology for exercise Level 3
  • Diploma in Fitness instructing & Personal Training Level 3

Josh May – Personal Trainer

I have worked as a personal trainer in America for several year whilst doing a football scholarship. Now I am back in the UK to share my knowledge and expertise in delivering effective weight training and HIIT based sessions.

My qualifications include:

  • Anatomy and Physiology for exercise Level 3
  • Diploma in Fitness instructing & Personal Training Level 3

 Bethan Lloyd / Yoga instructor

I am a yoga teacher with a background in teaching and performing dance. Awarded the title of YOGA SIROMANI teacher of yoga from the international sivananda Yoga Vedanta centre.Relaxing,

Health-Giving Yoga

•Relieves stress
•Peace of mind and positive thinking
•Improved health and strength
•Improved breathing
•Happiness and self-confidence
•Increased energy

Yoga is not a religion or cult it is really a technique for living handed down from antiquity. Anyone can practise yoga because it is non-competitive, age is not a barrier either as you learn to listen to your own body, its wellbeing and capabilities without having to compare with anyone else.