12 weeks Transformation Packages

Inspiring life changing transformation for Healthier You!

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Who has done a diet and put the weight back on?

Why do low-calorie diets not work?

Have you struggled to sustain a regular exercise regime?

What makes our transformation plan any different?

12-week Transformation Package

  • A Full nutritional plan bespoke to YOU
  • 1-2-1 Personal Training to increase muscle tone and shape
  • Online Home/Gym training- Exercise any time, any place
  • Private support group to share recipes
  • 24/7 help to keep you on track

At Tri4fitness studio in Trowbridge our nutrition values are simple:

  • Using whole foods instead of over processed, added sugar, preservatives, and additives leads to better absorption of macros, so sustain energy balance.
  • No supplements e.g. protein shakes, energy bars
  • Stop with Low-calorie YoYo Diets that simply leave you depressed and hungry.
  • Start to enjoying life by maintaining energy balance e.g. calories in equals calories out.
  • Support our clients 100% so they stay on track.

Our 12-week transformation plan is a complete bespoke plan for You, but most importantly total body transformation to help the client feel confident about their self-image and live a more active life.

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Our aim is to deliver the most comprehensive transformation package to give You the best possible results and completely change our your life.

Still not sure the Tri4fitness 12 week transformation package is for you?

Kateland testimonial

Weight loss

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*Weight loss will vary due to your individual circumstances and how much weight you have to lose*

Tri4fitness Nutrition and Exercise Tips

Try to do a weekly meal plan so less chance of that impulse buying e.g. ready meals.

Bulk cook so you always have something left over for your lunch.

The benefits of HIIT training have been well documented so I’m sure you have heard of this. When partnered correctly with resistance training in your program you will see a massive improvement and reshaping.

Don’t beat yourself up if you have a cheeky treat e.g. Pizza or curry.

When you are eating out don’t be afraid to ask for menu changes e.g. boiled potatoes instead of chips or ask for the sauce on the side (customer always right).

Too many people throw in the towel too early and don’t give the body time to adjust. Two weeks is never enough to see sustainable results. Twelve weeks would be enough time providing the Training and Nutritional plan is followed correctly.

Nutrition Diary example

08:00     Homemade Granola
10:00      One Pear
12:00      Pesto Chicken wrap
15:00      Handful Almonds
18:00      Turkey meatballs (4 balls) with spinach Mixed
     tomato, basil, rocket salad (cook extra for lunch)

Tri4fitness Transformation Disclaimer

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*Weight loss will vary due to your individual circumstances and how much weight you have to lose*

*For full details of our Transformation Disclaimer Click onto The Tri4fitness logo above*