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Team TRIBE taking on Rood Rampage

Last weekend team TRIBE took on the annual Rood Rampage in Trowbridge, Wiltshire. A team of 8 braved the 10km 30+ obstacle event. This is becoming a favourite event for team TRIBE now.

Team TRIBE after the race

I cannot promote these small events enough.

When people think of obstacle races, everyone thinks tough mudder. Now don’t get me wrong I have done and enjoyed tough mudder, but these events are usual so well run and a lot cheaper. Not to mention being a local event it took 10mins to get to my last tough mudder took 4hours.

Rood rampage was packed with all the classic obstacles as well, to test people of all abilities. They had monkey bars & rings, 10ft wall, tyre carries loads more and of course soooo much mud!

They do have a few unique obstacles as well one is 2 giant inflatable tyres in the middle of a extremely muddy bog and of course the floating platform obstacle, which are wooden platforms strung out from one side of the lake to the other. Here just run and don’t stop till you reach the otherside…. Or fall in the lake.

Now despite team TRIBE doing a few of these events now, we still all get the pre race jitters and excitement. After a quick race brief (basically don’t drink the water) and a warm up we were off.

During the course, it was so good to see everyone give every obstacle a good attempt, the improvements from everyone was clear as they were doing more obstacles than ever before and not only that finished the course quicker than any other course before

So why should you consider an obstacle race?

  1. They are massive personal achievements, a few of our team have gone so far out of their comfort zones and achieved so much because of it.
  2. Be part of a team, nothing beats completing these races together as a team
  3. It’s great fun, despite the hard work and effort that goes into preparing for it, on race day it is just a case of enjoying the moment and playing in the mud.
  4. The bling, who doesn’t like a shiny medal and new shirt.









So thinking of joining a race take a look online at the OCR world or get in touch and we can point out some local events.

Team TRIBE will next be taking part in Rocket Race, November 4th.
You can always join our amazing team. We always promise a great laugh and lots of mud.

Stronger together. Team TRIBE

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Andy Collins

April 1, 2017

SAS & Tough Mudder Training Blog 7


It’s been a while since I wrote a blog about my training, mainly because things with training, work and family have been busy, so apologies for not keeping you all up to date.


This is the final week with the Intrepid Series being on Sunday. Most the information is still pretty hush hush. What we do know, it’s 8-mile obstacle race, beginning at 4am. The ex-SAS members who run it, have told us we will be colder than we have ever known and pushed further to our limits than ever before in the toughest race of the year.

There is a section of the race, where we start and finish, called the Pit. In this pit, they are going to push us to breaking point and try getting teams to quit by shouting “Stop! Stop! Stop!” or by ringing the bell.

So we know we will be put through a tough physical, similar to the training day we had in February, minus the sea this time, thank god. Here I think they will get teams to try and quit, mix things up and all round, tear us a new one.


Despite all this, I’m still nervously excited over it all. This is exactly what the last year and this year is all about for me, how far can I go, where is my breaking point. I feel I have a lot to prove to and find out about myself, so although this challenge sounds gruelling this is a personal achievement for me.



So, with the training, I find myself in a strange position this week as usually with all my past events I’ve had a great a week to reload, ready for the event ahead. This time it’s a little different as straight after this event I have 3 weeks till rocket race and then another 2 weeks till toughest mudder. This week I am balancing out the rest with the training, so Monday and Wednesday I will continue with my 2 a day training sessions, one cardio/strength and the other HiiT session. Tuesday and Thursday, I will concentrate on running alone, Tuesday distance and Thursday my shorter hill sprint, off road killers. Friday and Saturday morning, I will focus fully on mobility and core exercises to ensure my body feels rested and fit ready for Sunday morning.

Two weekends ago (19th March) team TRIBE completed battle of lansdown, this was a great event for the team with 8 of us completing the course a 10km route with, I think, 35 or 36 obstacles ranging from hay stacks to monkey bars to an AMAZING slip and slide.

The team done amazing and despite the not so nice weather conditions we all thoroughly enjoyed it and got through the course as a team.

The race turned out to be great training for my events as I could concentrate on my weaker parts, which was painfully clear during the event, that my grip strength needs more work. Luckily I don’t feel hanging from monkey bars and such will be used much for intrepid, but looking forward to toughest mudder there is a lot of pretending to be a monkey, so it gives me a good 5 weeks to do grip and pull up variations, such as towel pull ups, which if you haven’t tried them before are soooo much harder than a bar pull up.


Really looking forward to starting my run of events now, hopefully all the training has paid off, either way I know I am going to love it

Our Tri4fitness training studio is now operational and to celebrate we will be offering free personal training and class taster sessions at our Open Day on Saturday 29th April.
If you would like to book a session please click on to our newsletter for more information or send us a direct message.



Andy Collins

March 2, 2017

SAS & Tough Mudder Training Blog 6


Last week was a very tough week, the SAS training had certainly left it’s mark on me and my joints and muscles just felt beaten and tired which is to be expected!

So I had a bit of a deload week and worked mainly on bodyweight movements, I believe Wednesday was my first squat and my hips were still so tight I found it a very tough grinding session.

Still managed a few good sessions though, and now is perfect time to switch to my final stage of training.

With only just over 5 weeks left till the first event, my training needs to be a lot more based around what I will actually be doing.

Which I know the SAS have a horrible surprise up their sleeve it is essentially an obstacle race!!!!

The only info we have so far is it’s, 8 miles, 4.00am start and we begin in the pit!!!

A great new training session I have started doing has been out in a little village Great Cheverell which is near Erlstoke and whist me and my elder brother were out on a long walk we stumbled across this awesome park, with dip bars and pull up bars.

Banging out a few pull ups

Perfect for body weight training, also situated by pear tree lane, which is an awesome hill climb.

So the one workout I started at the weekend was:

A hill climb, 0.8 miles up with 250ft elevation, back down to the park.

Arms are dead so why not hit some dips

Giant set x2 of:

10 Pull Ups

12 Dips

12 Bar Rows

10 Hanging Leg Raise

So far, I am doing 3 rounds of this. And will Add an extra round each week.


As I know the SAS love their stress positions, I am also trying some of those to failure, just in case.

To ensure the gap between Intrepid and Toughest mudder isn’t to big I have entered the elite wave (first wave) in the Rocket Race, which we completed with TRIBE last year.

So I am looking for a top finish in this race as it’s measure on how many laps completed in the time allowed rather than race time.

Race events: Intrepid 2nd April, Rocket Race 22nd April & Toughest Mudder 13th May.

Maybe room for one more…..

Andy Collins

February 27, 2017

Great day yesterday at Road CC Demo day at the Odd down Track, Bath.

Whilst helping set up Road CC display I was also lucky enough to barrow a Specialized Venge to do some drone videography for #curveballstudios

Also like a kid in the candy store tested five bikes around the track

1.Specialized Venge – Tagged as the fastest bike on the planet I totally loved this bike as it just wanted my to go faster and faster all the time. Fun Factor 4* Top Tech 5*

2.Rose X-Lite – Something thats very popular is the taylor built bikes and this did not disappoint. Great through the corners! Fun Factor 3* Top Tech 4*

3.Moustache electric bike Mtb Prototype – I have never ridden a electronic bike before and for sure the most fun, plus makes cycling so accessible! Fun factor 10* Top tech *4

4.Wilier Cento1Air – Totally loved this bike and the one I would buy! Handles well but a bit of give in the frame when you push out of the corners and simply a smooth ride. Fun factor 4* Top tech 4*

5.Whyte Wessex – With its revolutionary tubeless 30mm-wide Schwalbe S-One tyres it simply keeps rolling making cyling effortless! Fun factor 4* Top tech 4*

Big thank you to #curveballstudios #videouk #roadcc #rosebikes #moustachebikes #velospeed #whytebikes

Andy Collins

February 21, 2017

No lounging on the beach

SAS & Tough Mudder Training Blog 5

Wow, what an experience we had at the weekend, my brother and myself had a little taste of SAS training as a preparation for the Intrepid Race.

Now let me begin by saying, all these guys go through a none stop beasting and I have nothing but respect for anyone that attempts the selection training let alone complete it. Our little team of 6 had just a tiny taste of what it was like we didn’t have to deal with sleep deprivation, interrogation or all the other joys these guys have all gone through.

That being said, this was still the toughest physical challenge I have ever completed and we all completed in fact, no one rang that damn bell.


The Dam bell!!

So, we arrived for a 10.30 start at Weymouth beach front, our first task, warm up by running along the beach front, then we made our way onto the pebble beach. The setting for the physical training a long stretch of pebble beach, sea and a massive muddy hill that looked pretty steep in parts.

At our debrief we were told if we want out all we need do is shout, “Stop, Stop, Stop!” or ring the bell.

They made an instant impression on us, as we hit the hill we were greeted by a man in a balaclava yelling at us to kneel behind a sand bag each. We then proceeded to put the sandbag on our head, get our wrists cable tied and lay face down in the sand. We then done flutter kicks for what seemed like forever with staff, yelling at us to not quit on ourselves keep our legs up, keep going.

The theme was set, blood was pumping and a strange mixture of excitement, adrenaline and fear set in. All that was soon changed after we got the bag and ties off and ran to the sea for a quick refreshing plunge in the sea, followed by a long energy sapping run up to the top of the muddy hill. This horrible combination was repeated a few times with some horrible flutter kicks in the sea to boot.

The rest of the day followed on with more punishing physical challenges including sand bag carries, bear crawls, squat walks all done to absolute kill our muscles and sap our energy. We were having a constant battle with our bodies, the rocks, and the tide. We all had wobbles at different points, but continued to push through.

It took personal focus and a lot of team morale to push ourselves, my body were pushed to a limited I have never been to before, shoulders hurt, legs hurts, cramp was setting in, but still we all continued to drag that sandbag, climb that hill, and do whatever Staff ask of us. I won’t give away too much of what else we done as I feel it is something that writing about, just doesn’t give it justice.

By the time, they called it a day we were all beaten, tired and cold, but all had smiles on our face at what we had just achieved. The Intrepid arm band we had been given at the start was ours to keep, we had earned it

The biggest take home for me from this, was just how much more I can do, how much further I can go. The whole point of my upcoming races was to see just what I am made of and how far I can go and I feel mentally this has given me a positive experience to draw on, to help me push myself that little bit more.

With just over 5 weeks until the intrepid series, it’s safe to say I am pretty excited over it and can’t wait to see what they have in store for us.


Thats what I call blending into the surrounding!



Energy pack snack parcels!

Try out this great training snack for endurance based sport like cycling events, obstacles races e.g. Tough Mudder, running events.

Its a great slow release energy boost to sustain your training effort and a great alternative to Bounce bar, 9 Bars and Natural bars which all contain extra sugar.

Training snack: Team Sky Rice cakes

500g short grain rice (arborio or pudding rice). Not quick cook, and don’t wash it.

Cook in a rice cooker with 1 litre of water, two table spoons of granulated sugar, 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon, vanilla, or nutmeg for flavour.

Cooking time should be about 20 minutes, making rice that isn’t too soggy. Don’t take the lid off during cooking. Leave the rice to rest for five minutes.

Add two tablespoons of coconut oil (which, despite it’s name, is a solid substance and not an oil) and 250g of cream cheese – chocolate Philadelphia is a favourite at Team Sky.

Mix well.

Lay out on cling film on a baking tray. Fold the cling film over the slab of rice to create a parcel – fold while the rice is still hot so it stays sterile.

Leave the tray to cool, then put in the fridge overnight.

The next day, chap the parcel of rice into energy bar-sized chunks. Store in an airtight container for up to 3 days. Do not reheat the rice cakes.

Andy Collins

February 7, 2017

Pushing hard to the end at the at Longleat 10k

SAS & Tough Mudder Training Blog


Well, an absolute awesome weekend for me, the Longleat 10k crept up on me this year, I usually use it as my 1st race of the year and usually push my training from there, this year though, with my other events planned it kind of got pushed to the back of my mind.

So, my running training has been a little over looked, but have kept my training in the gym more regular than ever.

To be honest although I’ve always tried to balance the running and gym training, because I usually prefer to run my gym training has sometimes been up and down. I’ve always found it easier to just go for a run and not to worry about what session I am going to do.

This so far has been my biggest mindset shift in training, be it running or training at the gym I am pre-planning it, so it is helping me stay consistent with training. I now know what training I’ll be doing in what order, so if something comes up and I need to shift my days of training I can just move the entire plan.

Last year, at Longleat 10k, I finished just outside the elusive sub 45mins for a 10k, with 45.20.

This year I managed a 43.46. A massive PB on a tough, but enjoyable, 10k route. I must admit the last 2k I had to really dig deep to ensure I was on target and keep moving, but I felt good in the finishing straight with strong legs for a kick to the finishing line.

So it’s been an awesome reward that all my training over the winter has put me in very good condition right at the start of the year and has given me such a boost of confidence with my upcoming events.


Get in!! Good days training Sub 43min 10k